St. Moritz Art Masters 2014

For the seventh time now the international arts and cultural scene assembled for a truly impressive event in the Engadin, Switzerland. The St. Moritz Art Masters offers extraordinary presentations of contemporary arts at selected locations all over St. Moritz.

Amidst the artistic extravaganza: the unique artwork „Natural Chaos – Golden Edition No. 1“ created by Arne Quinze in cooperation with VERIDOR. 

Curved lines, finely chiselled shapes and yet a wholly recognizable structure. All in all 45 kilos finest precious metals, primarily 18-carat gold, were used to create this master piece.

From 22 to 31 August this piece of art made the historical Madonna-Room of the five-star hotel Badrutt’s Palace aglow in pure golden light. Here the artwork was a widely-attended attraction for artists, art lovers as well as journalists from all over the world and the heart of inspiring talks among the guests.

At the end of the event everyone reached in agreement: the artwork “Natural Chaos – Golden Edition No.1” was an outstanding highlight of the St. Moritz Art Masters.